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A+ Carpet Cleaning is family-owned and operated right here in West Linn area. Since our company started in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and comes with a personal touch.  

You Get What You Pay For - Carpet Cleaning in West Linn

by Tiki Honkanen on 08/22/16

I give carpet cleaning quotes frequently in and around the West Linn area and something that I come across a lot at different times is how our prices are a little bit higher than the groupon type pricing.  I, just like everyone else, loves a good deal and I will search out for coupons and sales.  What I have also learned over the years is that you do get what you pay for.  I recently talked to a young lady over the phone who was in need of carpet cleaning right away and we were able to schedule her in. However our prices were a little bit higher than what she was use to paying.  I explained to her our process and how we take the proper steps needed in order to get the carpets cleaned at their best.  Some other carpet cleaners skip steps so they can get in and out quickly enabling them to keep their prices lower.  She went ahead with the carpet cleaning but I could tell she was still a little hesitant, which I could understand why.  Anyway, here is the review we received from her on Yelp the very next day.

"Okay, so you get what you pay for.  This company does do excellent work!!!!  Our carpets have never been cleaner, softer, and looking brand new.  It was amazing at how fast they dried as well.  Thank you again!  Will definitely stay with this company, since I am tired of thinking our carpets are cleaned and then look dirty in one month after a cleaning.  A+ Carpet definitely are professionals and the equipment they use is superior than others."

She had also mentioned that her previous carpet cleaners took 45 minutes to clean and we took 3 hours.  So there you have it, a testimony for, "you get what you pay for"

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