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What is filtration dust and how do you get rid of it?

by Tiki Honkanen on 07/13/16

Ever notice darker soiling along the baseboards?  Typically this is filtration dust and it comes from air passing through the carpet as it is attempting to get through the crack between the carpet and the baseboard or under a closed door.  As the air passes through the edge of the carpet pile, this microscopic soiling is deposited there (hence the term filtration soiling).  This occurs over a significant period of time and is not noticed until a build up has occurred. Sometimes these marks can be removed.  Filtration soiling is difficult to remove because the particles are so fine that they penetrate deep into the carpet pile, sometimes all the way into the backing of the carpet.   We have had success in removing filtration dust.  Please give us a call and we can give you a free phone quote over the phone.   

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